Our blueberry patch is located in the middle of the property with easy access from the driveway, and beautiful views of our livestock and the entire farm. The bushes have been planted at least 30 years ago by The Feltons, the family who farmed this land before us. They are 100% NON-GMO, and we don’t use any chemicals on them. No pesticides, no insecticides, no fertilizers. They give us a great fruit, packed with oxidants and flavor. They are great for jellies and jams, but they keep fantastic in the freezer for smoothies or muffins and they are such a wonderful twist to your morning oatmeal. A great healthy snack that you can’t stop eating. We sell them using the U-PICK method. 

Our prices will stay the same for 2019 season. For ½ gallon we ask $8 and for 1 gallon we ask $15, buckets included. We will open the patch on July 6th,2019.