Our meat chickens arrive to us as 2 days old chicks. They go to the brooder, where they get a special treatment, heat lamps to keep them warm, clean bedding, fresh water with apple cider vinegar and probiotics to help their gut health, grit to help their gizzards function properly, and plenty of good nutritional feed. They will be under our close supervision until week 4 of their lives, at which point we move them outside on the pasture. We keep them safe in mobile pens which get moved every day to offer them fresh grass and plenty of bugs. They are chickens and behave as such! They love to scratch around and they love dust baths, they love the sun, they love people and to eat the grass seeds stuck to our boots. When the time comes to process them, we use humanely methods that don’t place any stress on the birds. We process them right here on the Homestead. They are individually cleaned, inspected and bagged adhering to the highest quality standards. The meat is tender, juicy and very flavorful. We advise our customers to place their orders in advance, because they sell out quickly.  Check out our online store to place your order!



Our egg layers arrive to us in early spring as 2 day old chicks. We immediately place them in the brooder, under heat lamps, with clean bedding, fresh water and plenty of good nutritional food. We check on them constantly to make sure they have everything they need. They will remain in the brooder, under close supervision, for a few weeks. Around week 4 of their lives, we move them outside on pasture where they can enjoy being chickens. They scratch, run freely, eat worms and bugs, fresh grass, have plenty of nest boxes with clean hay for a great laying experience, and a safe place to roost when they are sleeping. You may smile, but we whole-heartedly believe that the care we are offering them, result in the best quality eggs you can find out there! They are not locked up in a cage ever, they have plenty of space to roam and look for food, and have you ever seen a chicken taking a dust bath? They are truly amazing creatures when they are given the chance to be themselves! 

Check out our online store to place your order!