Paula and Arcel Dullas are the owners of PandA Homestead LLC. Together since 2009, wanting to better understand the communion between people and nature, driven by the desire to live a more healthier life, and the dream to be farmers, we opened Panda Homestead to learn and teach about sustainable agriculture. 

 We began our journey in the backyard of our house in Norfolk, where we grew our first tomato plant. We were fascinated of how big and how delicious those tomatoes were. Next year we grew cucumbers and several herbs and before we knew it our whole backyard became a vegetable garden. We found out that we are allowed to have chickens, and we purchased four hens that produced eggs for us and our family and friends. We then understood that we don’t have to rely on the grocery stores to provide our food for us and we learned how to preserve everything we were producing. We realized our backyard just wasn’t big enough for the goals we were setting for ourselves. We wanted to be able to raise animals, grow vegetables and fruits and be able to live off our land. It took us close to three years to find our homestead. Once we moved and started living our dream, we quickly came to the realization that we want to teach others about this lifestyle and hopefully empower everybody to be more self-sustainable, while enjoying country living and having fun.

About Us



I was born and raised in Romania, and I moved to United States 15 years ago. I spent most of my childhood summer vacations with my grandparents who lived in the country, and who taught me many of the skills I use today on the Homestead. I have many found memories of my whole family harvesting food through out the years. This journey to rediscover the skills our ancestors left for us is bringing back all these memories. I feel deeply connected to my roots with every tomato I plant, every egg I collect and every sausage I eat! Allow me to show you how wonderful growing your own food really is!



I was born in the Philippines and moved to United States when I was 7 years old. I had no prior farming experience, but I have memories of eating mangos from the trees, and freshly picked cashews and riding water buffalos. I 



Born in the city of Norfolk, raised in the Town of Capron. He was only 8 months old when we moved and country life is all he knows. He learns and plays. He helps. He is farmer boy!


Lola Cielita

The grandmother anybody needs to have! We could not run our farm without her! She watches our son, our livestock, she grows a garden with specialty