Farm Stay

What is a farm stay?

Have you ever dreamed of having a farm? While farmers markets bring products to the city, a farm stay invites the city to experience country life- for one night, a weekend or more! Not all farm stays are the same. So what does OUR farm stay have to offer? 



Whether you need a place to rest on the way to your destination, or you need a short vacation in the country, or maybe a quick getaway from the busyness of the city, or a learning opportunity for the entire family, our guest house has everything to accommodate your needs! 



Participating in the daily chores is becoming a very popular outdoor activity for the entire family. Collecting eggs, feeding the goats and bunnies, filling up the ducks water pools, or showering the pigs in the hot summer months, are the things we do on a daily basis. And you can join us! Our farm stay offers an unique experience meant to connect us with our food source.



When you visit our farm stay, you will find fresh eggs and homemade jelly in the fridge.

But we also offer many other goodies, like sausage or bacon, chicken, pork roasts and more! We are partnering with other Homesteads and local businesses to create family friendly dishes. 

Two bedrooms with 3 queen beds await you for a good night sleep. The big comfy couch in the living room is perfect for movie night. The dining table can sit 6 or more and is situated in the large open kitchen that has everything you need to cook a delicious meal. Coffee and water, snacks, homemade jam and did you read what our guests say about the fresh eggs from our pasture raised chickens? If you visit in April, our property is in full bloom, smells and looks amazing! But if you book in July, you get to eat blueberries right outside the house. If you come in October you might witness our bonfires to mark the end of the season! And even in the winter months there’s plenty to do on the Homestead! Experience our farm stay!